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1-on-1 Mindfulness Coaching 


 You are a Divine Being having a Human experience. A part of you exists beyond the physical body and the mind. When we identify with this part of ourselves, we reduce our mental suffering, are more responsive and less reactive, and can manifest our dream life. 

Love, happiness, wealth, peace, and success are your birthright, and you have the tools to have these experiences in your life easily.

So why aren't we all wealthy, thriving, and living the dream?

We exist in a society that unconsciously influences how we, and everyone around us, view the world and ourselves. Unfortunately, many of these societal beliefs are erroneous and not in alignment with who we are. From birth, we were conditioned to focus solely on what makes us human without acknowledging the power of our Divinity. 

As Divine Beings, we co-create our reality with our creator through our beliefs and feelings. What we believe, we receive. Therefore, in living a life that aligns with our deepest desires, we must identify and overcome any beliefs contributing to our suffering. 

As your mindfulness coach, I will assist you as you systematically apply mindfulness to your thoughts, self-talk, and beliefs so you can be free of what is no longer serving you.

Are you ready to get to work and start living your best life? 

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1-on-1 Entrepreneur Mindfulness Coaching

Small Business Owner


I have been an entrepreneur for the last six years, and one thing I've learned is that our mindset determines how successful we will be. What we believe, we receive. What beliefs do you have, and how do those beliefs manifest in your entrepreneurial experiences? 


One-on-one entrepreneur mindfulness coaching is for those interested in applying mindfulness to their beliefs about themselves, the world, and their business. I will support you as you identify and overcome areas of struggle and set targeted goals for your business that bring happiness, profits, and peace. 

Are you ready to get to work?

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