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Music Meditation

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

Gentle music serves as a soothing object of focus during meditation.

Focused-attention meditation is a practice where we focus our attention on a single object of awareness. This object can be internal (the breath, a mantra) or external (a smell, a sound). For this exercise, our meditation object is music.

The music you choose for this exercise is essential. You want to pick something pleasant to you but not too distracting. Music without lyrics and an upbeat tempo are less likely to interact with the brain as frequently during meditation. You can also listen to nature sounds or ASMR, try different sounds, and find what works for you. Search your favorite digital streaming platform or youtube for sound options (nature sounds, meditation music, relaxing music).

The brain loves to be stimulated, so it can be challenging for the mind to stay focused on the meditation object for long. Our brains want to think of something better or more "important"; this is the nature of the mind and not something we should judge or resist.

Over time as you continue practicing focusing the mind, you will be able to focus on the meditation object for longer with fewer distractions.

Begin this exercise by getting comfortable

Go somewhere you won't be disturbed or distracted. Get your playlist or selected music ready and get into a comfortable position.

Bring your attention to your body

How does your body feel coming into contact with the surface you are resting on?

Take three deep breaths to calm the mind and body. Use your sense to bring your attention to the present moment.

Focus on the music

The music is your anchor to the present moment. Focus on the sounds and whatever else arises as you listen to them. When you become mindful that your attention has wandered away from the music, note it and gently bring your attention back to the music.

Don't judge your practice.

It does not matter if your mind wanders a million times while meditating. It is important to become aware (mindful) when it happens. Mindfulness is what we want to strengthen and cultivate.

When you notice you started thinking about something other than the music (thoughts about the future, thinking about the past, etc.), thank your brain for making you aware of this. Over time, your brain will remind you to be mindful more frequently, on and off the meditation cushion.

Be patient. Don't expect too much of yourself, especially if you are just starting. Let the practice guide you; as long as you try, you progress.

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