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    Planet Mindfulness is dedicated to helping people lead more mindful and fulfilling lives. Our online platform is designed to provide education, guidance, and resources on the mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits of mindfulness, meditation, and pranayama.


    Planet Mindfulness was created by Certified Mindfulness Coach and Pranayama Instructor Nicole Jeanylee. We offer one-on-one remote coaching services as well as self-paced mindfulness coaching programs to help you better understand and practice mindfulness. 


    Mindfulness is a free mental health resource that every Human has access to. It is a powerful tool for personal transformation, increased happiness, and overallwell-being. 

Your Mindfulness Coach

Nicole Jeanylee


     Before practicing mindfulness, I operated unconsciously, like most humans, and reacted to life instead of responding to it. I ruminated on the past and frantically planned for the future. The next moment always felt more important than the one I was experiencing. I worked out of necessity, not passion. As a result, I felt stuck and unsure of how to move forward. These experiences resulted in years of stress, self-doubt, and self-pity.


    Mindfulness introduced me to my true self and infinite power and made me aware of how my thoughts and beliefs distorted my perspective. When I realized how I was unconsciously holding myself back, I consciously decided to get my life together and move forward. 


    Abundance is constantly flowing into our life. We can either resist it or allow it. We are all born with the tools needed to feel happy, at peace, abundant, loved, and fulfilled because this is our true nature. Instead, we experience unnecessary suffering and live in survival mode. As a result, we become attached to false narratives about ourselves, our lives, and others that only allow us to see things from a limited perspective.


    Mindfulness coaching is for you if you are ready to non-judgmentally examine your thought patterns and beliefs, embrace the present moment, and allow abundance to flow easily into your life. We are Divine Beings having a human experience. Mindfulness helps us unite these parts of ourselves.


    As your mindfulness coach, I will assist you as you identify your deepest desires, identify and overcome limiting beliefs, and tap into your infinite inner power. 

    If you are a new client, please book a free consultation with me so we can ensure mindfulness coaching is right for you. E-mail me at

Certifications and Educational Background

Certified Mindfulness Coach 

Certified in Trauma-Informed Yoga

Pranayama Instructor

 Social Psychology, B.A 

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